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Check out our new showroom floor - 9061 South 126th St, Suite 200, La Vista, NE 68138
Check out our new showroom floor - 9061 South 126th St, Suite 200, La Vista, NE 68138

Inline / Female Slide Plugs

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Key Product Details

We are introducing the Inline Slide Female Plug - the perfect solution for hassle-free outdoor holiday lighting! With our bag of 25, you can easily connect and disconnect your holiday lights without needing multiple extension cords or struggling to reach awkwardly placed outlets.

Our Inline Slide Plug is designed with durability in mind. The heavy-duty construction can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring your holiday lights shine brightly throughout the season. The slide plug feature allows for easy on-and-off access, saving you time and energy during the decorating process.

Our product is compatible with various holiday lighting styles, including string lights, icicle lights, and more. The plug is also designed with a secure grip, ensuring a tight connection that won't come loose or pose a safety hazard.

With our Inline Slide Plug, you can simplify your holiday lighting setup and enjoy a stress-free decorating experience. Refrain from letting tangled cords and hard-to-reach outlets ruin your holiday cheer - switch to the Inline Slide Plug today!

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Looking to Order in Bulk?

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